The right steps to creating a presence online:

Build Your Brand with a domain name

Doing business online will have your customers frequently using your domain name, choose a domain name that builds your brand. Try to find a domain name that will be easy to remember and fit alongside your business name and/or brand. Some have even built their business name and brand around their domain name, being that it is such an important part of your business identity.

How long should your domain name be?

A domain name should be as short as possible and easy to remember. A LONG domain name can be hard to remember, or even simply be a lot to type into a browser and/or search box.

Should I use dashes in my domain?

This is not recommended-NO! When someone hears your domain name, they are not likely to remember the dashes. Also, there are no spaces in domain names. For example, “XYZ Children’s Store” could be registered as “,” or “,” with no spaces in between of course. Nonetheless, both examples are allowed to be registered and will work to visit your site. However, be careful using dashes in your domain, as someone looking for “” may accidentally end up at “,” a possible competitor.

.Com, .Net, .Org?

So you have to choose a domain name-great! Do you register a .com, .net, .org, or one of the other many domain name extensions? .com is the most common and by far the most popular domain extension. There are many businesses that have successfully used other domain extensions. However, you will need to brand your business and domain name in a way to make a extension memorable. The two next common domain extensions are .net and .org.

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