What is Responsive Web Design?

Almost everyone uses the Internet, however in today’s mobile world many users are accessing the Internet from more than just their desktop or laptop, they are accessing the internet from their tablet and even smartphones.

What Is Responsive Design

Responsive design allows your site to adapt to the device that is being used to access your website. A responsive website will adapt and provide a positive viewing experience for your visitor regardless of their viewing device.

Why Should Your Site Be Responsive

In early 2014 mobile users accessing the Internet exceeded the total number of desktop users. If you don’t have a responsive website often your site will be difficult for the viewer to navigate and or read.

Responsive web design is important, not only to help provide a great viewing experience for your visitors, but In addition Google is now evaluating the responsiveness of your website as well as its speed as a ranking factor in its search engine.

Are you Mobile Ready?

If your website is loading slowly or is not optimized for mobile devices now is a good time to look into options for improvement. Is your website mobile ready? Contact me for a consultation.

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